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AI in Healthcare

Healthcare Decision Making with AI

AI-powered analytics for improved patient pathways and outcomes in healthcare for providers

What is in it for you?

Transform your healthcare data into actionable insights with Healthmetrics. Our expert-led approach focuses on 6 key areas for better patient outcomes. Book a call today and see the difference for yourself!


Unlocking NHS Insights

Utilizing NHS open data provides insights to healthcare decision-makers by giving access to large amounts of patient data for analysis and improvement.


Healthcare Sentiment Analysis

Using advanced technologies like machine learning and NLP to analyze patient reviews to enhance healthcare providers’ outcomes and identify satisfaction, pain points, and areas for improvement.


Predictive analytics in Healthcare

Predictive analytics uses data and advanced statistical modelling to forecast future healthcare outcomes, inform clinical decision-making and lead to better patient outcomes.


Faster clinical decision-making

Utilizes technology and data analysis to quickly evaluate patient information and determine the best course of treatment.


Improving operational efficiency

Data and analytics aid in improving Healthcare delivery and operations by providing insights on efficient resource allocation and patient outcomes.


Population health management

Providing insights on the distribution of diseases, identifying high-risk groups, and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions.

Unlock the power of data-driven healthcare

Cancer performance reporting dashboards 

Our NHS open data dashboards provide real-time access to a wide range of patient data, allowing healthcare providers to quickly identify trends, patterns and potential risks, thus saving time and effort in data collection and analysis.

  •  Real-time data access saves time.
  •  Tailored insights for smart decisions.
  •  Advanced analytics for improved outcomes.

Healthcare reviews  sentimental analysis

Sentiment analysis in healthcare is an innovative approach to understanding patient feedback and experiences. Our advanced analytics tools allow healthcare providers to extract, analyze and understand patient sentiment, providing valuable insights into areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement.

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We support a wide range of leading global healthcare companies.